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Ahyeon of Baby Monster: Currently Under Fire For Saying A Racial Slur

Ahyeon at Hanlim Multi Arts School

In a shocking turn of events, the K-pop industry finds itself shrouded in a dark cloud of scandal as Ahyeon, a cherished member of the internationally acclaimed group Baby Monster, becomes the epicenter of a firestorm.

The once-adored idol now stands on the precipice of infamy, her world collapsing under the weight of a racial slur that has ignited a cataclysmic wave of outrage. As the music industry trembles and fans reel in disbelief, the dramatic saga unfolds, threatening to reshape Ahyeon’s career and forever tarnish the legacy of Baby Monster. Read on to know more about the controversy Ahyeon is caught up in!

Ahyeon of Baby Monster

What is happening to Ahyeon right now?

Netizens call out Ahyeon, a prominent member of Baby Monster, for a surfacing video of her rapping Nicki Minaj’s “Feeling Myself” and for saying the “N-Word” at a talent show at her school, Hanlim Multi Arts School.

Netizens quote retweeted:

  • “They didn’t even debut yet”
  • “the way she said it 3 times likeeee”
  • “girlie havent debuted yet”
  • “will NOT be tuning into that group now”
  • “that’s why you go to school and learn before being an idol…”
  • “they got a scandal already and they havent even debuted im SOBBING”
  • “and she’s so confident saying it in front of the audience”
  • “oh… loud and proud too…”
  • “Not once, not twice, but three times?”

In addition, it seems like Ahyeon isn’t the only one affected by this controversy, but also YG, the company her group Baby Monster, is under.

  • The final step to be a yg idol”
  • “are we shocked?? no”
  • “she’s from yg… are we surprised?”
  • “this ain’t nothing new so technically I’m not surprised”
  • “They’re a real YG artist omg.”
  • “she’s from YG. it was to be expected tbh…”
  • “Well look at the company she’s under now .. it was bound to happen”
  • “shes from yg im not surprised at all”

The netizens are addressing this matter to YG Entertainment, but for now, no reply has been responded.

Fans addressing Ahyeon "N-word" issue to YG

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