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Boys Planet Finale Winners

Boys Planet Winners FULL LIST

Here is the official list of the 2023 Boys Planet Winners by Mnet, their total garnered global votes and their official name as a brand new Kpop group!

After weeks of intense competition and performances, the Boys Planet Kpop Finale marks the culmination of the series on April 20, 2023 at 8:50KST.

It is where the final group members are chosen by a combination of viewer votes and the judges’ evaluations. The finale is a highly anticipated event, with fans eagerly tuning in to see which trainees will make the cut and ultimately debut as the newest K-pop sensation.

With stunning performances, emotional moments, and nail-biting suspense, the Boys Planet Kpop Finale is sure to be an unforgettable event for fans of K-pop and Korean reality TV alike.

Here are the winners and official debut members:


Han Yu Jin from Korea got the 9th and last spot. He garnered 1,196,622 global votes.

Boys Planet Winners -  9th place HAN YUJIN


Kim Jiwoong from Korea grabbed the 8th place garnering 1,338,984 votes globally.

Boys Planet Winners - 8th Place Kim Jiwoong


Kim Gyu Vin from Korea claimed the 7th spot with 1,346,105 global votes.

Boys Planet Winners - 7th Place Kim Gyu Vin


Kim Taerae of Korea got 6th place with 1,349,595 votes.

Boys Planet Winners - 6th Place Kim Tae Rae


Park Gunwook from Korea who is also from Korea ranked 5th with calculated votes of 1,386,039.

Boys Planet Winners - 5th Place Park Gunwook


Meanwhile, Ricky or Shen Quan Rui in real life claimed the 4th spot gathering a sum of 1,572,089 of votes globally. He is from China.

Boys Planet - 4th Place Ricky

#3 Seok Matthew

Seok Matthew who’s from Canada claimed the 3rd spot with 1,702,174 votes.

3rd Place Seok Matthew


The second to the TOP spot went to Sung Han Bin from Korea. Sung Han Bin got the 2nd place garnering 1,888,414 global votes from fans.

2nd Place Sung Han Bin

#1 Zhang Hao

Finally! The one to complete the official list of the 2023 Boys Planet winners is none other than Zhang Hao from China. He garnered the biggest number of votes with a total of 1,998,154 votes globally. This massive achievement also made Zhang Hao the first non-Korean trainee to win first place in a survival show.

1st Place Zhang Hao

Boys Planet Winners – Official Debut Name

Following the prestigious Boys Planet finale, the nine winners are set to debut as one official boy Kpop group called “ZB1” or ZeroBaseOne.

Boys Planet is a popular Korean survival reality show that has captivated the hearts of K-pop fans around the world. The show follows aspiring male idols as they compete for a chance to debut as part of a new K-pop group.

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