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R U NEXT FINAL RESULTS —Who are the final members of HYBE’s new Girl Group, I’LL-IT?


On September 1, 2023, at 8:50 KST, the well-known survival show R U Next? held its last episode introducing the final members of I’LL-It. This girl group will be debuting under Belift Lab, a subsidiary company of HYBE Labels.

I’LL-IT is composed of six members with two members voted by the viewers and the other four selected by the judges.

For the past two months, the trainees of R U Next? worked hard to move up and pursue their dreams. Unfortunately, out of the 22 trainees who competed in the highly competitive survival show, only 6 got to be a part of the debuting group.

6 OFFICIAL Debut Members of I’LL-IT

Like I’ve mentioned above, two of the offical members of I’LL-IT are chosen by fans all around the world by votes. The two trainees are:

#1 – Wonhee

Coming in 1st place, garnering a whopping 3,299,395 votes from fans all around the world is Lee Wonhee. Even with just a month of training, Wonhee was able to debut because of the support she gained from both South Korean fans and International fans.

I'LL-IT Wonhee

#2 – Youngseo

Capturing the hearts of fans far and wide with her undeniable stage presence and alluring aura, placing 2nd is Lee Youngseo who gathered a massive total of 3,065,146 votes.

I'LL-IT Youngseo

Now, here are the four official members of I’LL-IT who were chosen by the judges:

#3 – Minju

Park Minju ranked 3rd accumulating a sum of 2,961,696 votes from fans internationally. Not only did she attract the eyes of the fans and judges with her angel-like visuals but also their ears with her angelic voice.

I'LL-IT Minju

#4 – Iroha

Hokazono Iroha who originally ranked 5th with 2,569,421 votes was selected by the judges because apart from her elegant visuals, Iroha was also able to showcase her powerful dance skills in the show.

I'LL-IT Iroha

#5 – Moka

Sakai Moka who originally placed 8th and garnered a total of 2,111,375 votes from fans globally is the third trainee chosen by the judges. Besides the fact that Moka possesses charming visuals, she also was able to unveil her talents during R U Next? and show the judges that she can perform with any concept.

I'LL-IT Moka

#6 – Yunah

The last member to join I’LL-IT is Noh Yunah who originally ranked 7th place, gathering an equal of 2,512,654 votes. Chosen by the judges themselves, Yunah has been popular ever since the start of the show because of her magnetic charisma and attractive facial expressions.

I'LL-IT Yunah

With these 6 trainees being I’LL-IT’s official members, there is no doubt that I’LL-IT will be the next K-pop sensation!

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