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Jaehyun BOYNEXTDOOR: K-pop Profile, Facts and More!

BoyNextDoor Jaehyun 'WHO!' Concept Photo

Jaehyun of BoyNextDoor is an incredibly talented and charismatic member of the sensational K-pop boy group. With his mesmerizing vocals, captivating stage presence, and undeniable charm, he has become a fan favorite and a rising star in the industry.

Known for his smooth dance moves and powerful vocal range, he consistently captivates audiences with his dynamic performances. Jaehyun’s infectious energy and warm smile have made him an endearing figure among fans worldwide, earning him a devoted following.

As a multi-talented artist, Jaehyun not only excels as a singer and dancer but also showcases his skills as a songwriter and performer. With his passion for music and dedication to his craft, he continues to leave an indelible mark in the K-pop industry as an integral member and leader of BoyNextDoor.

BoyNextDoor Jaehyun 'WHO!' Concept Photo

What is Jaehyun’s real name?

Jaehyun’s real name is Myung Jaehyun (명재현)

How old is Jaehyun and when is his birthday?

Jaehyun was born on December 4, 2003, which makes him 19 years old as of 2022.

What is Jaehyun’s Zodiac Sign?

Jaehyun’s Zodiac sign is Sagittarius.

What is Jaehyun’s Chinese Zodiac Sign?

Jaehyun’s Chinese Zodiac sign is the Sheep/Goat.

What is Jaehyun’s MBTI type?

Jaehyun’s MBTI type is ENFP.

How tall is Jaehyun?

Jaehyun’s height is still unknown.

Where was Jaehyun from BoyNextDoor born?

Jaehyun’s birthplace is still unannounced but one thing we know for now is that he’s from South Korea.

What is Jaehyun of BoyNextDoor’s representative emoji?

Jaehyun’s representative emoji is still unknown.

Does Jaehyun from the BoyNextDoor K-pop group have a boyfriend?

There has been no known source that details Jaehyun’s relationship status, nor any confirmation of any girlfriend.

More Facts about Jaehyun of BoyNextDoor:

BoyNextDoor Jaehyun 'WHO!' Concept Photo
  1. Jaehyun participated in writing and composing the songs “But I Like You” and “Serenade” for their debut album “WHO!” together with fellow members Taesan and Woonhak.
  2. He attended Def Dance Skool.
  3. He is great at producing and composing songs.
  4. K’Oz Entertainment reached out to him saying that they wanted to hear his songs.
  5. K’Oz Entertainment’s CEO, Zico personally auditioned him.
  6. He said that he learned a lot from Zico.
  7. He was a trainee at YG Entertainment.
  8. He likes to call himself the doggy of the group.
  9. He used to live overseas.
  10. He wishes to perform and show his love and passion for music to a bigger audience.
  11. Jaehyun is bilingual. He can speak Korean and English.
  12. He loves playing sports. His favorite is soccer, he can also play golf.
  13. He used to be the captain of their school’s soccer team.
  14. He is close with iKon’s Bobby.
  15. After releasing BoyNextDoor’s logo, Bobby supported him in an IG story even before he was revealed as a member.
  16. He likes dogs.
  17. His roles in the group are rap, vocals, and brightening up the mood.
  18. Jaehyun, along with members Sungho and Riwoo are ’03 liners.
  19. One of his remarkable abilities is providing positive critique and being observant through the night.
  20. If you want to get close to Jaehyun, you should first start with a smile and then play soccer with him.
  21. Jaehyun is the type of person who shows fun and cheerful performances. Do you agree?
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