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Jake ENHYPEN: K-pop Profile, Facts and More!

Enhypen Jake DARK BLOOD Concept Photo (FULL Ver.)

Jake from Enhypen has become a rising Kpop star, winning the hearts of Kpop fans all over the world with his charismatic and undeniable stage presence. Jake’s striking looks and vocal abilities have made him one of Enhypen, the South Korean boy band, most recognized.

Jake is more than just a “charming” face. He’s a multi-talented artist who has made his mark as a dancer and singer. His impressive skills will keep you coming back to see him again.


If you want to know all the Enhypen members and their profiles, you may watch this video.

This Kpop profile article will take an in-depth look at Jake’s career, highlighting the highlights and lows, and the moments that helped him become the artist he is today. Relax and enjoy learning more about Jake from Enhypen.

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What is Jake’s real name?

Jake’s real name is Jake Sim (Korean name: Sim Jaeyun 심재윤).

How old is Jake and when is his birthday?

Jake was born on November 15, 2002, which makes him 20 years old as of 2022.

What is Jake’s Zodiac Sign?

Jake’s Zodiac sign is Scorpio.

What is Jake’s Chinese Zodiac Sign?

Jake and fellow 02z members Jay and Sunghoon have the same Chinese Zodiac Sign which is the Horse.

What is Jake’s MBTI type?

Jake’s MBTI type is ESTJ. (his previous result was ISTJ)

How tall is Jake?

Jake’s height is approximately 177 cm (5 ’10”).

Where was Jake from Enhypen born?

Jake was born in Brisbane, Australia.

What is Jake’s representative emoji?

Jake’s representative emoji is 🦮.

Does Jake from the Enhypen Kpop group have a girlfriend?

There has been no known source that details Jake’s relationship status, nor any confirmation of any girlfriend.

More Facts about Jake of Enhypen:

  1. He was born in South Korea but moved to Australia when he was still young, having an older brother as well as being part of a wealthy family.
  2. He sang “Love Yourself” by Justin Bieber for his audition.
  3. As Sunoo performed TXT’s Crown on the inaugural episode of I-LAND with Youngbin (an eliminated contestant), all members found him very handsome upon first meeting him; all thought he was cute but awkward;
  4. Jake trained for nine months prior to taking part in I-LAND (1,179,637 votes cast for him as third place finisher in its final round)
  5. His favorite beverage is grape flavored soda.
  6. Jake’s favorite ice cream flavor is My Mom Is An Alien (chocolate)
  7. Jay, Sunghoon and Jake make up “02z”, or Enhypen members born in 2002
  8. Jake favors the colors black and ivory.
  9. His favorite season of the year is Spring.
  10. He has an adorable pup named Layla. Jake named his dog Layla after Eric Clapton’s song of the same name and she was born October 31st 2017.
  11. Jake attended Dwight School Seoul and St Peter’s Lutheran College for education, becoming known by several nicknames including Sim Jake Daeng Jayla (combining their names).
  12. Out of all the subjects, he enjoys Math and Physics the most.
  13. He is an intelligent guy. He was the top in Math class.
  14. He used to be a part of the school’s orchestra.
  15. He can play basketball and soccer.
  16. He would love to collaborate with Drake.
  17. He is often compared to Subway Surfers’ Jake.
  18. He played violin for four years and participated in his school orchestra.
  19. His life mottos are “Live with positive vibes” and “Work hard, play hard
  20. His charming physical asset is the corner of his lips. Do you agree?
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