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NewJeans: K-pop Profile, Facts, and More – Get to Know ’em


Even if you’re not an avid fan of K-pop, you have surely heard about NewJeans, a 5-member girl group under Ador.

Even though the group’s coming was sudden and unexpected, with no concept photos, teasers, or trailers, whatsoever, NewJeans has still been taking the K-pop industry by storm! Topping charts, breaking records, and bagging awards in less than a year of their debut, NewJeans is undoubtedly an impactful group!

Ever since their debut NewJeans has been making catchy songs that instantly go viral like Hype Boy, Ditto, Super Shy, and many more.

NewJeans doesn’t only have catchy songs, angelic voices, and fun choreographies though! But they also have members who possess visually appealing faces.

So who are the 5 members of NewJeans? Why are they so relevant? What are their personalities like? Well, read on to get to know the members one by one!

NewJeans members with their lightsticks

What does NewJeans mean?

NewJeans’ name has two meanings. The first is “new genes” meaning that the group is bringing a new generation of K-pop. The second refers to “jeans”, which have a timeless image which means that the group wants to make a timeless image for themselves.

When did NewJeans debut?

NewJeans debuted on July 22, 2022.

Who are the members of NewJeans?

The 5 members of NewJeans are — Minji, Hanni, Danielle, Haerin, and Hyein.

What is NewJeans’ fandom name?

NewJeans’ fandom name is BUNNY (토끼).

What are the NewJeans members’ positions?

NewJeans doesn’t have a leader, nor do they have official positions.

Who is the oldest in NewJeans?

NewJeans’s unnie is Minji who was born in 2004.

Who is the youngest in NewJeans?

NewJeans’s maknae is Hyein who was born in 2008.

Who is the visual of NewJeans?

NewJeans’ official visual/s has not been officially confirmed yet but fans consider Danielle and Haerin as the visuals.

Which entertain/label are NewJeans members under?

NewJeans is under Ador, a subsidiary company of HYBE Labels.

When did NewJeans receive their first win?

NewJeans had their first music show win just 27 days after their debut on August 18, 2022.

What are the NewJeans members’ Official Social Media Accounts?

Phoning (Phoning doesn’t have a website and is only available on Appstore/Playstore.)
Official Twitter – Members Twitter

NewJeans MEMBERS: Their K-pop Profile, Facts, and More


NewJeans Minji

Real Name – Kim Minji 김민지 (English Name: Isabelle Kim)
Birthday – May 7, 2004 (19 years old)
Zodiac Sign – Taurus
Chinese Zodiac Sign – Monkey
Height – approx. 169 cm (5’6”)
Birthplace – Yeongwol-gun, South Korea
Representative Emoji – 🐻

10 Random Facts about Minji!

  1. On February 13, 2023, Minji was announced as the brand ambassador of the French luxury brand, Chanel.
  2. Minji has an older brother and a younger sister.
  3. Her favorite colors are black, red, and blue.
  4. She participated in writing their song, Ditto.
  5. Minji was #THE_GIRL on HYBE Label’s PLUS GLOBAL AUDITION back in 2019.
  6. She was a trainee at Source Music during her 2nd year in middle school.
  7. She graduated on February 18, 2023, from Hanlim Multi-Arts School under the Department of Entertainment.
  8. The two K-pop songs that never fail to make her feel cheerful are IU’s songs “무(Knees)” and “스물셋 (Twenty-three)”.
  9. Her favorite flavor from Baskin Robbins is New York Cheesecake.
  10. Minji’s nicknames are Teddy Bear and Minki.


NewJeans Hanni

Real Name – Hanni Pham (Vietnamese Name: Phạm Ngọc Hân)
Birthday – October 6, 2004 (19 years old)
Zodiac Sign – Libra
Chinese Zodiac Sign – Monkey
Height – approx. 169 cm (5’6”)
Birthplace – Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Representative Emoji – 🐰

10 Random Facts about Hanni!

  1. On October 28, 2022, Hanni was announced as the brand ambassador of the luxury brand, Gucci.
  2. On February 8, 2023, the Italian luxury brand, Giorgio Armani Beauty announced Hanni as their global ambassador.
  3. Hanni has a younger sister named Jasmine who was born in 2007.
  4. Her favorite colors are gray and mint.
  5. She passed HYBE Labels’ Global Audition in October 2019 and has been training since 2020
  6. One of her specialties is that she can sleep fast anywhere, even when sitting.
  7. She participated in writing their songs, Hype Boy and OMG.
  8. Prior to being a trainee in Ador and becoming a NewJeans member, Hanni was a part of the dance crew AEMINA Dance Crew based in Melbourne.
  9. The song that led her to like K-pop is Girls’ Generation’s “I Got A Boy”.
  10. Her favorite flavors from Baskin Robbins are Almond Bon Bon and Mint.


NewJeans Danielle

Real Name – Danielle Marsh (Korean Name: Mo Jihye 모지혜)
Birthday – April 11, 2005 (18 years old)
Zodiac Sign – Aries
Chinese Zodiac Sign – Rooster
Height – approx.  165 cm (5’4”)
Birthplace – Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia
Representative Emoji – 🐶

10 Random Facts about Danielle!

  1. On January 6, 2023, the British Luxury Brand, Burberry, announced Danielle as their global ambassador.
  2. On March 16, 2023, Danielle was announced as the brand ambassador of French luxury brand, YSL Beauty.
  3. Danielle has an older sister named Gyuna/Olivia who was born in 2000.
  4. She likes bright colors, mostly yellow.
  5. She participated in writing several of their songs like Attention, Super Shy, Cool With You, and ASAP.
  6. She appeared on multiple TV shows such as Real Kids Story Rainbow, Jesse’s Play Kitchen, and My Heart’s Crayon.
  7. When Danielle was younger, she used to be a kid’s model.
  8. Her favorite NewJeans song is Hype Boy.
  9. A K-pop song that she enjoys a lot that if ever she could listen to only one K-pop song forever she would choose IU’s “밤편지 (Through The Night)”.
  10. Danielle’s favorite flavor from Baskin Robbins is Dark Choco Knight.


Kpop Haerin

Real Name – Kang Haerin 강해린 (English Name: Vanessa Kang)
Birthday – May 15, 2006 (17 years old)
Zodiac Sign – Taurus
Chinese Zodiac Sign – Dog
Height – approx.  164.5 cm (5’4”)
Birthplace – Seoul, South Korea
Representative Emoji – 🐹 / 🐱

10 Random Facts about Haerin!

  1. On April 26, 2023, the French Luxury Brand, Dior, announced Haerin as their global Jewelry ambassador and Fashion and Beauty house ambassador.
  2. Haerin has a younger sister who was born in 2009.
  3. She loves the sight of bright colors and the scent of flowery fragrances.
  4. She participated in writing their song, New Jeans.
  5. She was a part of the Broadcasting Club when she was in school.
  6. She dropped out of school when she was still a junior in order to focus on her training.
  7. Danielle said that Haerin often mixes Korean with English.
  8. She enjoys listening to music, collecting GIFs and photos, and reading.
  9. If she had to pick, a K-pop song that she would listen to for the rest of her life is Chungha’s “Rollercoaster“.
  10. Haerin’s nicknames are Choco Bread, Baby Cat, and Frog.


Kpop Hyein

Real Name – Lee Hyein 이혜인 (English Name: Grace Lee – Chinese Name: Li Huiren 李惠仁)
Birthday – April 21, 2008 (15 years old)
Zodiac Sign – Aries
Chinese Zodiac Sign – Rat
MBTI – INFP (Previously ENFP)
Height – approx. 170 cm (5’7”)
Birthplace – Incheon, South Korea
Representative Emoji – 🐣

10 Random Facts about Hyein!

  1. On December 30, 2022, Ador announced that Hyein was now a brand ambassador of the French luxury brand, Louis Vuitton.
  2. Hyein is the youngest of 3. She has an older sister born in 2000 and an older brother born in 2005.
  3. Her favorite color is purple.
  4. She was part of a kid’s girl group, U.SSO Girl, under the stage name U.Jeong, along with Baby Monster’s Rora, back in 2017 and left in 2018.
  5. She was a former member of the Let’s Play Club and used to appear on the kids’ channel on YouTube, Pocket TV.
  6. She started modeling at the age of 8.
  7. Jumbo Kids Model Selection cast her back in 2014.
  8. Hyein was in Lemon Tree Magazine and Style Magazine Mallow.
  9. Things that she enjoys doing are taking walks, taking pictures of the sky and the members, and searching for movies.
  10. The foods that Hyein loves eating are rice soup, strawberries, strawberry cream cake, her home food, and food that is made by her grandmother.

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