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Sunoo ENHYPEN: K-pop Profile, Facts and More!

Enhypen Sunoo DARK BLOOD Concept Photo (FULL Ver.)

Sunoo of Enhypen is one of the most dynamic members of the popular South Korean boy band, Enhypen. With his captivating performances, infectious personality, and undeniable talent, Sunoo has quickly become a fan favorite. As a singer, dancer, and rapper, he brings a unique energy and style to the group that has helped them stand out in the highly competitive K-pop industry.


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In this blog post, we will take a closer look at Enhypen Sunoo, exploring his background, career, and what makes him such a beloved member of the group. Join us as we delve into the world of Sunoo and discover what sets him apart from his fellow K-pop stars.

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What is Sunoo’s real name?

Sunoo’s real name is Kim Seon-woo (김선우).

How old is Sunoo and when is his birthday?

Sunoo was born on June 24, 2003, which makes him 20 years old as of 2023.

What is Sunoo’s Zodiac Sign?

Sunoo’s Zodiac sign is Cancer.

What is Sunoo’s Chinese Zodiac Sign?

Sunoo’s Chinese Zodiac Sign is the Sheep/Goat.

What is Sunoo’s MBTI type?

Sunoo’s MBTI type is ENFP.

How tall is Sunoo?

Sunoo’s height is approximately 175 cm (5 ’9”).

Where was Sunoo from Enhypen born?

Sunoo was born in Suwon-si, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea.

What is Sunoo’s representative emoji?

Sunoo’s representative emoji is 🦊.

Does Sunoo from the Enhypen Kpop group have a girlfriend?

There has been no known source that details Sunoo’s relationship status, nor any confirmation of any girlfriend.

More Facts about Sunoo of Enhypen:

  1. He has an older sister who appears to be a Jay and Sunghoon stan.
  2. Sunoo likes the colors blue, mint, pink, and purple.
  3. He likes spicy foods and said that his “soul food” is tteokbokki.
  4. His favorite ice-cream flavors are mint chocolate and pink sherbet.
  5. Sunoo graduated from Hanlim Arts School (Department of Practical Dance) along with fellow member, Jay in 2022.
  6. He entered I-LAND first, along with fellow member Jake and an eliminated trainee, Youngbin. They went last and performed TXT’s Crown and made everyone smile with their performance.
  7. Sunoo trained for ten months prior to taking part in I-LAND and was announced as the producer’s pick in the final round. (935,771 votes cast for him as eighth place finisher in its final round)
  8. Before appearing in I-LAND, he thought Heeseung disliked him but Heeseung confirmed that it wasn’t true and it was just a misunderstanding.
  9. He loves all the seasons of the year.
  10. His favorite subjects in school are Music and P.E.
  11. He earned a black belt in Hapkido before.
  12. He said people thought he was cold, but in reality, he has a cute personality.
  13. He is very good at doing aegyo.
  14. He underwent Pneumothorax surgery in 2019 due to health issues he suffered since he was young. But even so, he never fails to amaze us with his performance.
  15. Sunoo has a flexible body.
  16. He can play the piano.
  17. Sunoo used to drink lots of water when he was young, that’s why he has nice skin.
  18. He never counted them but he usually takes at least 50 selfies in a day.
  19. He is good at making facial expressions.
  20. He has a lot of nicknames including Ddeonu, Stage Genius, Kim Oosun (by Ni-ki), Aegyo Professor, Selfie Genius, Aegyo Genius, and many more.
  21. His life motto is “365 days of living with passion
  22. His charming assets are his eye smile, his expression, his skin, and his eye shape. Do you agree?
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